What Exactly Is a Brand? A brand is a business and marketing idea that allows consumers to identify a certain firm, product, or individual. Brands are intangible, which means they cannot be touched or seen. As a result, they contribute to the creation of people’s impressions about businesses, their goods, or personalities.

A brand is an entity that corporations use to differentiate their products from other items in the marketplace, such as a logo, symbol, or name.

Brand equity is the value of a company’s brand earned via customer awareness of the brand name of a certain product rather than the product itself. The economic worth of a brand is the willingness of buyers to pay extra for a brand in order to obtain the goods.

In this essay, I’ll introduce you the Iconic Georgian Brand “Zarapxana”.

Everything started a long, long time ago – at the times when shops did not even exist.

Those are the centuries-old Georgian jewelry traditions which stem from prehistoric period, later they find themselves in reputed museums, and today, the pursuit of their revival and renovation is proudly carried on by the jewelry company Zarapxana.

Zarapxana — a state-owned enterprise for the production of coins, orders, medals and other state signs, which widely uses the methods of gilding, plating and coating metal products with jewelry enamel. Coins were minted on the territory of Georgia, example is Kolkhir Tetri which is minted in Georgia, but the location is unknown. In 704, the Tbilisi Zarapxana (mint) was noted for the first time on the Arabic dram. From the 9th century, money was minted in the name of the Arab Caliph, and from the second half of the 10th century – in the name of the Amira of Tbilisi. From the 40s of the 13th century to the beginning of the 15th century, the marking of the Tbilisi Zarapxana can still be found on coins. From 1603 to the end of the 18th century, the Tbilisi Zarapxana systematically issued silver and copper coins.

However, to give concrete expression, the history of Zarapxana begins in 1939, when in a picturesque, historical district of Tbilisi, the enthusiast gold-smiths from tiny jewelry studios of Shardeni and Vertskhlis (Silver) streets get together to set up Tbilisi Jewelry Plant on a nearby, Leselidze, street. Manufacturer changes its locations and names for several times, the National Zarapxana being the name for some while. Despite such changes, it never stops holding the market leader position throughout the whole region.

In 2005, manufacturer becomes a private property and gains back its old name – Zarapxana. However, the major priority remains the same: the preservation and development of jewelry heritage.

Alongside many other things, the above mentioned is what distinguishes Zarapxana from its competitors: using natural and precious, as well as semiprecious and un-precious stones, it creates its gold, silver and copper jewelry basing upon the best jewelry traditions.

In spite of fruitfully implementing those traditions and adhering to the rich historical heritage, Zarapxana never fails to be up-to-date. This refers to both aspects of jewelry pursuit: as to the manufacturing techniques as well as to the product design.

The frequent renovation of technologies is one of the company’s greatest concerns. Zarapxana is equipped with the newest machine tools, and each new creation, before reaching the hands of customer, goes through thorough expertise control.

Apart from that, Zarapxana carefully studies customer’s interests and wishes, takes the fashion trends into account, and as a result, creates the contemporary jewelry perfectly seasoned with national elements.

Moreover, Zarapxana offers different kinds of exclusive services to its customers. Collaboration with a fashion designer Irakli Nasidze could serve as an example. Nasidze, who is a well-known designer in Georgia and abroad, designed special collection for Zarapxana on the motif of birds. This was the first precedent, but the company plans to continue collaborations with the famous Georgian designers.

Each new creation of Zarapxana, for its part, has its own history. Lots of people involved in the process are artist who has to adjust their vision to the human body or taste; jewelers many of whom have 40-years working experience, although there are younger ones whose qualification improvement is Zarapxana’s special concern; experts who verify the authenticity of quality and probe; art committee who carefully discusses each creation before the collection is being produced.

More than 110 people work for “Zarapxana”. Each segment – from gold-smith to CEO – is equally committed to the process of refinement of quality and design, so that finally, by combining high quality raw materials and beautiful forms, perfect result is available for customer.

As for customer, they can personally appraise Zarapxana’s products in the company stores. Four stores in Tbilisi and each in Batumi are in the service of customers. Here, in the stores, it will bedifficult, not to discover the desired jewelry creation, let alone the fact that you will be met by very friendly and experienced professionals always ready to help you. Besides, the choice is rich, collection is renewed at least three times a year, quality is guaranteed, and jewelry will comply with the needs and tastes of really diverse customer. Here, you will see bridal collection, church collection, souvenirs created on the motifs of antiquities found at Georgian archeological excavations, such as lion, deer, ram… Mtskheta collection will not leave you indifferent which is inspired by the exhibits kept in this ancient city of Georgia, Zarapxana bringing revival to this unique treasure whose beauty endured the centuries. You will also see designer’s creations, contemporary jewelry and souvenirs created on the themes of Georgian regions, old Tbilisi or well-known movies.

All these serve as a foundation for Zarapxana to hold a leading position. Zarapxana company takes special care of confidence gained in their customers and continues its history successfully.