Zoomer is a chain store based in Georgia. Company sells variety of

products: mobile phones, laptops, cameras, microphones, accessories, etc.…

Zoomer was founded by Georgian entrepreneurs 12 years ago. In this time company managed to create brand image, penetrate the market and become one of the leaders of it. They have brand deals around the world and the most attractive thing to the customers are its prices.

Company is known for low prices and they always mention it on their marketing campaigns. No matter what you need to buy you should always compare cost in Zoomer.

They are very active on social media. This is one of the largest parts of their marketing. Social media is key to the success nowadays. Customers feel more connected to the company and they have a great fun together.

We should point out Zoomer’s advertisement videos. They are always up to date for current trends and social events. Designing is always on point and customers love it! Interesting plot, great editing, high video and audio quality makes them really comfortable and nice to watch. They create and repeat phrases which ear and mind catches easily.

All together makes Zoomer reliable, interesting and friendly company to have a touch with.