The MASLOW model to explain the customer behavior of Georgian customer to NIKORA products

Ana Vepkhviashvili, IBSU, Marketing


Maslow’s hierarchy is one of the leading theories in marketing, how companies can have attracted customers by offering goods and services. While other needs theories are relevant, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs remains the basis of many fruitful psychological approaches to the market. In a basic sense, Maslow’s hierarchy identifies the five basic areas of need that most people experience. With physiological or basic life-saving needs, the model takes further steps through security and love, love and belonging, self-esteem, and finally self-realization. More recent studies have added levels to the needs hierarchy and refined the categories, but marketing classes throughout the countries continue to use Maslow’s needs hierarchy as a reasonable focus for modern marketing efforts. So if companies are to use the Maslow hierarchy, in order to attract customers they must meet not only basic needs (such as food and water) but also self-realization and security needs. Non-essential services – massage treatments or custom tailoring, for example – may be marketed successfully to those in the fourth or fifth level of Maslow’s hierarchy because those people are driven by the needs for increased self-esteem and realizing their full potential.

As for Nikora, it is a meat product brand that also has a fairly extensive supermarket chain, It covers the first step of the Maslow hierarchy, which are basic needs. what about other stages Nikora has been trying for years to prove that the products it offers are safe and beneficial for her health. nikora also trying to interest their consumers by excusive brands, which does not contain preservatives.  That’s why I think Nikora covers both the first and second, security,  levels. Nikora also tries and does quite well to attract customers from different segments, including those who cover the fourth and fifth steps, without it, it would not be the largest network of supermarkets.

In conclusion, Maslow’s hierarchy plays a big role in attracting customers, When a company covers the steps that are most important for the customer, and does the right thing by advertising, Marketing strategy is a guarantee of success.