Research of the Augmented Level of the Brands Nikora and Leaderfood

Student: Mariam Narimanidze
Prof. Kakhaber Djakeli


“Nikora,” one of the most well-known food producers on the Georgian market. The working plan of “Nikora” is long-term growth, growth, as well as the introduction of new skills and innovations. The fact that the holding produces up to 500 goods, including meat and other food industry products, is the most essential reason for the company’s success.


Core product is extremely important dimension within the product-developing framework . I think these 2 company have  same core products levels, also genetic product is almost similar which means that the meat must be sold without the brand name.

Expected product- customers expect delitious,  high quality and diversity choise of product from both company but Nikora has wider choise that lider food ( Nikora makes up to 500 different products and liderfood only 100).

Nikora’s product is improved with increased features or services distinct from the competitions that why nikora has better augmented product . the company has many events, schoolarship and charity. “Nikora” also occupies a worthy place among Georgian producers due to its contribution to the development of the Georgian economy. The company has contributed more than 200 million GEL to the state budget during its existence.