Company of “Archi” and its Augmented level for Branding

Tamari Ghadalashvili, Dodona Namoradze, IBSU

 Laboratory of Branding

Before specifically defining the company, its aims and the marketing strategy compared with its competitors, we should definitely define Kotler’s five levels of product. Shortly defining them:

  • Core Benefit – The company’s main value to satisfy its consumers with the product they provide(to meet their needs and wants)
  • Generic Product – The major version of the product which only contains the necessary elements for functioning.
  • Expected Product – The products from which the customers expect the main functions and quality from the very beginning.
  • Augmented Product – Product with additional attributes and functions, added by the suppliers in order to differentiate it from other competitors and fulfill the needs and wants of the customers.
  • Potential Product – Product which is attributed with all augmented functions in order to maintain the loyalty of its customers in the future. To satisfy them after a while and being able to meet their needs every time.

While analyzing the company of Archi Group, we can clearly see their clear marketing strategy and goals to satisfy not only their customers and maintain their loyalty but to be actively involved in the social projects, as they make sure that 5% of company’s profit is allocated for the social projects.

Furthermore, on their way to development, they took some really important actions which were mostly connected with the customers. They started to have apartments in Tbilisi, but soon according to the consumer needs they started their construction buildings in Bakuriani and Batumi. So they covered some main steps:

  • Start with the customers
  • Analyze and segments customers by their needs and wants

The Archi Group also produces energy-efficient and fireproof construction blocks. They prioritize an environmental protection, childcare, sport development and the popularization of a healthy lifestyle in Georgia. According to these values, we can underline more important steps that the company has covered so far:

  • Aligned products into families that align to customer segments
  • Strategically assess the profitability of products, product families and customer segments.

In order to satisfy the customers’ financial conditions and requirements, the company provides different types of payment methods for their apartments – some customers can pay just the major part of the whole price and divide left into several years. Some of them can just pay after some agreed timeline. The space and the plan of each apartment is easy to be reconstructed or planned according to the potential owner’s desires. The company also provides group of designers who can help you innovate and decorate your “Dream Home”.

Compared with other competitors on the market, Archi Group does some really important actions and pays attention to the right values – to its customers, which itself help them be one of the most successful construction company on the market. Building partnerships with other Georgian based companies and having connections with foreign organizations make their status stronger and more reliable.

From our point of view, each successful company can have something that could have been changed or improved. In case of Archi Group, we believe that they can improve the space division in a more clever way – some customers got disappointed just because the outer space of the apartment (balcony) had united in the space of the whole apartment which itself means less inner space. The plan and the product itself must be as realistic as possible for having loyal customers and maintaining the reputation on the whole market.

What else makes the company different from other competitors? The multifunctional hotels that they provide on the seaside of Georgia. Except of the apartments, the company offers high quality and well-equipped hotels for their customers so that they can have a proper holidays and spend their time in Archi Hotel with pleasure. Taking care of the customers and pleasing the potential consumers grows your company even more and helps you define your priorities according to the results you got.