Ainur Tyulebayeva

Joint-stock company “Rakhat” is one of the largest producers of confectionery products in Kazakhstan.

The confectionery factory is a market leader with a well-established distribution network and produces more than 400 types of high-quality confectionery products. The company offers chocolate and jelly sweets, caramel, iris, chocolate bars, cookies, waffles, marshmallows, etc. Some of them have no equivalent in the Kazakhstan market.

The versatile nature of production, its scale, and the presence of its own line for processing cocoa beans allow the company to have the widest range of confectionery products among domestic manufacturers. Today “Rakhat” portfolio includes more than 250 names of various confectionery products belonging to 10 different groups. “Rakhat” is the only confectionery enterprise in Kazakhstan that mastered the production of special products for people with diabetes.

A distinctive feature of “Rakhat” products among other Kazakh confectionery manufacturers is the priority production of chocolate products, which is distinguished by a great variety. Not every candy shop can buy cocoa or cocoa beans and then turn them into chocolate, because this is a complex technological process with expensive equipment. You can experiment endlessly and attract those consumers who love unique products.

Thanks to the hard work and professionalism of the team, everything possible was done to make the “Rakhat” brand a national brand. Today this largest enterprise remains the leader in the confectionery industry in Kazakhstan in terms of production volumes, turnover, and market share. All products of the company are manufactured at two production sites – the headquarters in Almaty and the subsidiary in Shymkent. According to independent experts, “Rakhat” confectionery products are not only in no way inferior in quality and taste to their counterparts from the recognized leaders of the world confectionery industry, but often surpass them.

“Rakhat” continues to hold the leadership in the confectionery market, modernizes the internal policy of the company and enters new markets. It monitors trends and responds as quickly as possible to the mood of the consumer.

The Rakhat company has moved to a new level of service and presented its clients with “old” stores in a new format. Introduced a new self-service scheme, thought out to the smallest detail, thanks to which we can save even more of our precious time. The interiors of the shops have become lighter and more spacious. In the event of questions, the consulting vendors would always come to the rescue. The stores have been operating in the old format for more than 20 years, when there were lines starting from the street, there were not enough cashiers. Today, the design has changed and focused on improving customer service.

Customer service in “Rakhat” is performed as follows:

  1. The buyer chooses the goods at the trading floor.
  2. The buyer pays for the selected goods on the register, the seller knocks out the goods check.

“Rakhat” performs market segmentation by groups of consumers, as it considers it to be the most universal. The quality of the market segment depends on the success of the firm in competition.

Speaking of trends in the confectionery market, the growing interest of consumers in the category of chocolate bars. Chocolate “Kazakhstan” enjoys special respect and love from consumers. Its rich taste cannot be confused with anything, and the wrapper with the image of the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan makes it recognizable even from afar. Here’s one of the Americans’ reviews of Kazakh chocolate: “It is sad that it is not possible to buy this chocolate in America. An exchange student brought some with her and gave me some chocolates. This is amazing!”.

Every tourist who has visited Kazakhstan takes home this particular brand of chocolate. Chocolate “Kazakhstan” is made at the highest level. Taking into account the popularity of this brand of chocolate, the factory’s specialists decided to expand the group of products, in which names will be used the names of historical characters, the most famous geographical places. Chocolate «Alatau», «Otrar» and «Sary-Arka» have already appeared in this series.

The factory uses different kinds of packages – souvenir, plastic, gift boxes. A new product “Rakhat” with a special design, which was created with the participation of a well-known Kazakh artist, appeared on the shelves of the stores.

The price policy is always the same and foresees any changes in the market. The activity “Rakhat” is oriented on the sale to the public of confectionery products of various price categories to the population.

Products of the company are presented in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, and other countries. Iraq has also been added to the list of partner countries, and the first shipments to that country have already been made. Representatives of Ukraine are also interested in selling Kazakh sweets on their market.

“Rakhat” brings people joy with its delicious products! Its activities are aimed at maximum satisfaction of the need of as many people as possible for high-quality confectionery products, keeping the traditions of the past on the one hand and meeting modern requirements on the other.

“Rakhat” is the number one company in Kazakhstan and in the Central Asian market, personifies the wealth and hospitality of the country for every person in Kazakhstan and beyond.

Unforgettable taste, beautiful design, and abundance of products!