How customers think, feel and act

Author: Mariam Narimanidze, IBSU
Subject: principles of branding
Coach : Prof. Kakhaber Djakeli

To learn how customers think, feel and act are important for every brand. The company must know their target market well and then they have an opportunity to satisfy customers. Famous and successful companies spend a lot of money to search the market and get to know their customer’s behavior.   All this is brand audit and it is a more externally focused, consumer-centered activity that evaluates the brand’s health, uncovers its sources of brand equity, and suggests methods to improve and exploit that equity. A brand audit necessitates a knowledge of the sources of brand equity from both the firm’s and the consumer’s perspectives.

I try to get information from research , which is about meat products and customers’ opinions about different brands in Georgia. Result shows that high quality and taste are the most important factors to buy the product for them. Also Nikora and Liderfood are the most well-known brands and they have information about that company from TV advertisements, word of mouth ( from friends) and social media. I think that they must improve direct marketing and sent people sms about some discounts, offers, promotions and so on.

The research shows that Nikora has the best pricing , because for customers it’s associated with law prices.  That way this company is different from others. Also some people have a positive attitude about Nikora’s packaging and think that it is so safe and eye-catching.

The main point is that people know about Nikora as a great brand but sub brands like mzareuli, ocean and so on are under the shadow of the Georgian market. I think that this company has a great opportunity to improve these sub-brands under the umbrella of brand.

To sum up , in the Georgian market people are price-sensitive and for them law price is an important factor to buy a product. Also most people trust third person which is their friend, family, relatives and so on, that why every brand will be careful to their service and product to have satisfied customers who talk about the brand positively.