Marketing House announces the final results of Marketing Essay’s Olympiad MEO 2022

International Marketing Consulting &  Educational Platform – Marketing House announces  the final results of Marketing Essay’s Olympiad  MEO 2022 (for English speaking Marketing Students) what took place online from 9th April 2022 to 26 May 2022 on the web of .

56 Essays from three different universities were submitted to Marketing House from the beginning of Marketing Essays Olympiad 2022. Along Georgian students we received Essays from USA and Canada.

We are very thankful to the Partners and Donors of Marketing House giving us chances to organize great events for International Students, learning Marketing as a primary or secondary direction in their education.

The Essays were read and assessed by Professionals of Marketing. The MEO -2022 already distinguished some essays and their Authors. So MEO 2022 with Marketing House announcing:

  • Levan Lolua and Tekla Dabrundashvili (both from IBSU) as a  1st place holders and champions of MEO 2022!
  • As a 2nd place holders we distinguished two teams of students: a) Luka Gumberidze and Basel Airout (IBSU)   b) Pukhashvili Tata and Maisuradze Davit (IBSU).
  • As a 3rd place holders we distinguish following students/teams: a) Raneem Mohamed Mahmoud Esmail (IBSU), b) Gergaia Sopiko, Arevadze Giorgi (IBSU), c) Devnozashvili Irakli and Imerlishvili Temuri (IBSU).

The winners will be prized from the Marketing House by certificates and the Essays will be published in Marketing House Online Journal.

The Comity of Marketing Essay’s Olympiad is wishing you good Luck!

Have a Great Holydays !!!