Marketing & Georgian Beer Company Zedazeni

Natia Kakulia

International Black Sea University


Each country has different culture, local people have different views and opinions about different products or services. Because of this, products and services that are spread globally, may need some minor changes to adjust to different people’s culture, wants and needs.

The Glocalization is the process of adapting global and international products and adjusting it to the locals. The main reason of glocalization is that “glocalized” products are more likely to be interesting and acceptable for the customers. Glocalized products are more specific for individuals as they take into account their wants and needs.

Today beer production is global business, with many multinational companies. One of them is Georgian Beer Company Zedazeni. It has products that are international, for example the Beer Ragnar, which is Scandinavian Pilsner-type bright beer with 5% alcohol content. This is the kind of beer that you can buy in different countries and you will receive the same flavors and alcohol content as you would receive in Georgia from Zedazeni brewery. On the other hand, Georgian Beer Company Zedazeni also produces Beer Zedazeni, of which production the essential ingredient is Zedazeni Mountain water. Undoubtedly the water has influence on the taste and flavor of the beer. Furthermore, it makes the product more likeable for locals, as Georgians are very proud of our country’s natural resources.

Market targeting is the most important aspect for companies. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning are the most effective methods of success. Georgian Beer Company Zedazeni mostly focuses on people of ages between 18-50. Target audience start from 18, because it is not legal to sell alcoholic beverages to teenagers. However, to not exclude them from their market, Zedazeni released beer with 0% alcohol content. Behavioral segmentation is also important. Zedazeni sells its products to people who enjoy watching football, have active lifestyle. Furthermore, mostly Zedazeni customers are married people.

After the company has finished segmentation, it needs to determine different strategies to meet those segments’ needs and wants. Georgian Beer Company Zedazeni did some activities to link its beer to football. A Great example of this was when they invited famous football Starr Lothar Matthäus.

Finally, it is important for companies to prepare positioning maps, as it helps companies see through customers’ eyes. Marketers prepare them by surveying customers and after making graphs from the results. Below the positioning map of Zedazeni is represented, in which Zedazeni products and competitor companies are shown.

The graph shown above is positioning of products and competitors of Georgian Beer Company Zedazeni, However, the full positioning of brand, also known as value proposition is full benefits customers can have. The positioning of Zedazeni product is shown in the table below.

In the table, the graphs colored in green means that they have winning value propositions. Red means that those strategies have losing value propositions and yellow means that nothing changes, because it is the same benefits for the same price.

Because of that, in this essay, only strategies that have winning value propositions will be discussed. It goes without saying that if companies offer customers the same or less benefits for higher prices, the demand from customers will decrease and this will cause the profit of businesses to decrease as well.

Those above-mentioned strategies: market segmentation, targeting and positioning are part of designing a costumer value-driven marketing strategy.

Companies also need to have market-targeting strategy. To choose a market-targeting strategy, first companies have to identify attractive market segments. To do that companies divide market into segments and discuss the segment’s size and growth, company objectives and resources. After targeting segments, firms choose one or more segments to enter.

Firstly, market-targeting companies have undifferentiated, mass marketing strategy! This means the company is focused on all segments. Secondly they do differentiated marketing, also known as segmented marketing. It is not for all people, but is mostly focused on some segment of population.

Next is concentrated marketing, this means that firms go after a large share of one or few segments. Final marketing strategy is micromarketing. This means adjusting products to the needs and wants of specific individuals and local customers.

Georgian Beer Company Zedazeni has differentiated marketing. The company is mostly focused on men, between the ages of 18-50. One example of this is that Zedazeni recently released a beer “Ragnar Strong”, and it was advertised as beer for strong man.

In conclusion, Zedazeni is among the best and most popular beer producers in Georgia. It has products that are liked by the majority of the population. Zedazeni advertisements have also big influence on buyers’ choice, as they are interesting and memorable.