Georgia Baby boomers, Millennials, Generation Y and Generation Z

Ana Vepkhviashvili


For companies marketing strategy to be successful, you should try to adopt the right audience. In order to select a target audience, it needs several features, for example, gender, location, or income. one of them is age, This time the target groups are divided according to age. This is known as “Generational” marketing, it is the term coined for segmenting and targeting your markets. In order for generational marketing to work properly, you need to know the habits, motivations, challenges of each generation and how to adapt your content accordingly. There are four main generations which you should take into account. Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials (generation Y) and Generation Z. Different generations consume different types of content, use different tapes on social media, so if you know which generations is your target market you can focus on your strategy on specific social media.

As I mention above exist four generations: first is Baby Boomers people who born between the mid-1940s to mid-1950s, The number of people of this age is 918400 in Georgia, It is also noteworthy that 71% of people over the age of sixty use the Internet, so brands who are focus on consumers who are in this age they should use social networks actively. most of them are pensioners, they have big free time so they have more time for fun so they interested by travel, cooking, movies, etc so companies who have this services should focus on this generation.

Next-generation is Generation X who born in the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, People of this age mostly grew up during the economic crisis they worked harder than other generations to achieve stability so they are mostly hard-worker taps because of this they have less time for social networks they have lass free time. Also, most of them are self-employed and play a big role in the development of business, so they are interested in developing business and are in the process of finding new resources. Generation X is a tech-savvy group but they are often more comfortable using the technologies they’ve been accustomed to using since a young age such as television or phone. also, most of them have families, so they are interested in baby staffs or furniture or repair, and these companies should focus on this generation.

As for Generation Y (Millennialsborn mid-1980s to mid-1990s) Millennials are a generation that has evolved with the development of technology, they spend a lot of time on social media so companies that focus on these groups should often use Instagram, youtube or Facebook. That is why the representatives of this generation are dependent on trends. so if something new and better comes along, they’ll be the first to switch to these new technology trends. to interest, this group of companies should focus on trends that do not lose consumers.

Generation Z people who born after 2000, This age category consists mainly of kids and teenagers. this generation resembles its predecessor because they use the internet very often. This group is quite unformed so they often change their mind and do not stop at one particular brand. They are also heavily influenced by influencers so companies need to focus on them.

In conclusion, Of course, you can not define millions of people by one particular characteristic But the marketing strategies may not suit everyone so this feature helps companies define the audience they are targeting. also, this strategy often helps companies who are beginners and This is a good strategy to start a marketing strategy.