Macro Environment of TESLA

Ana Vepkhviashvili

Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company which revenue is 31.536 billion us dollar.  Now I want to discuss “pest” analyses of tesla. The PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis is a strategic management tool that determines the effects of the industry’s remote or macro-environment on the company.  Tesla is the company that can compete best even though there are many companies in this industry.  Tesla’s position is affected by many external factors and challenges that the company has to face and PESTEL analyze that best. The factors that affect this are Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Ecological, Legal.

Political factors          

Tesla’s political stance has had a major impact on trade restrictions, which has put the company in a big challenge. so for tesla it is important some political factors for example Governmental incentives for electric automobiles, New global trade agreements Political stability in the majority of major markets.

Economic factors

Economic factors conditions include market growth, trade levels, currencies, and other variables that influence the automotive business. As Solar energy expands competition is riseing for tesla so It should take some economic action. sach as decreasing battery costs, decreasing renewable energy costs, economic stability issues.

Social factors

Social conditions and trends affect a firm’s remote or macro-environment through employees, customers, and investors. in this segment Tesla has many opportunity  for example Increasingly popularity of low-carbon lifestyles, Increasing preference for renewable energy,Improving wealth distribution in developing markets.

Technological Factors

PESTLE Analysis determines how technologies influence the company’s remote or macro-environment. For example Tesla has growth opportunities through further automation of its business processes. In addition, the increasing popularity of online mobile systems should prompt the company to increasingly integrate these systems in its automobiles. TESLA also has many opportunities, for example High rate of technological change,  Increasing automation in business, Increasing popularity of online mobile systems.

Environmental Factors

The remote or macro-environment of the global business is subject to the effects of ecological conditions, For example, ecological trends determine the availability of materials used in the company’s production processes. also there is opportunities also such as Climate change, Expanding environmental programs, Rising standards on waste disposal.

Legal Factors

The effects of regulatory factors on the remote or macro-environment are determined. Laws and legal systems shape managerial decisions and business development. opportunities: Expanding international patent protection, Energy consumption regulations, Dealership sales regulation in the United States.