Analyzing the Augmented Level of the Georgian Tea Brand Manna

Luka Mikeltadze

As we know the term – BRAND originates from Norse Language Groups, that expresses identification. Today’s market industry is very competitive and quickly changeable, companies always try to evolve because new brands are entering in the market and the branding strategies are becoming more important.

One of the interesting new Georgian brands is Tea Manna about which we will talk today.

To begin with the product type itself, for generations, tea has been one of the most popular drink it was originally a luxury item available exclusively to the wealthy. Later also people understood what benefits it had for the health too.

Georgia, is traditionally Tea Producer Country and we can proudly say that during 1963 to 1990 Georgian Tea had 1% in World Tea Market in comparison of another traditional product Wine, where Georgia even in best years had only O,05 in World Wine Markets.

Tea Manna entered in the market with aim to make organic tea and dried fruits. If we discuss this product with 5 branding levels of the Product from Marketing Theory, we can see that the core benefit of the product is the Healthy liquid itself that customer requires to drink. It should be easily made and with good aromas.

The generic level is connected to the natural tea, bio tea made with good healthy plants and standards of quality that gives the customer satisfying feeling of drinking high quality healthy tea.

The expected level of product is something distinguished for the product such as good smell of tea, quality of the tea and good option of drinking it with both cool and hot conditions without any basic taste changes.

The augmented level of the tea will be new options that tea mana offers to customers, in its different portfolios of tastes, such as black tea, green tea, iced tea and others that gives customer variety not to be limited and choose different company for the demanded taste.

*additional comments: as we know augmented level expresses additional attributes that distinguishes the product, for the Case of Manna – this is the Bio production, the good and comfortable packaging with special visualization to find easily among other tea’s and additional products such as dried fruits and flawors. also it is important to mention that Manna is certified from “GREEN CAUCASUS“ that gives customer the reliability for the product. Another the distinguished association of the product in society is filled with the place marketing, that tea is sold in Ecological Hypermarket “Agrohub”, appreciated and safe place for natural production, which increase trust from the customer.

At last, I saw the web page of The tea and saw good work of posting feedbacks from popular persons that affects good on customer and posting experimental videos of their tea comparing to other teas. This all creates additional good memory for this particular product.

The last level, potential level for Manna case is upgrading the company, as they said they are planning to have their own plantations of the tea, also have their own show room of the product also adding some innovative tastes of the tea and makes the product associations richer.

I believe company’s potential level is following their path of Green, organic product and not doing like Coca-Cola example from famous 1985 case –  when they changed formula and tried to be someone who they were not.

My Subjective consumer opinion – When I looked “the Manna’s ” environment where the white color is dominating inside the company and the product that associated for me with clean and healthy symbols  of the product – I felt their organic freshness.